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Britain’s crime capitals


10 Feb 2012


I am always being asked if crime pays.  Well, that is easy to sum up, isn’t it?

Take a look at all the old gangsters, for instance, The Great Train Robbers; poor bastards!  Most of them ended up serving 30 years in prison and came out penniless.  Next, take Frankie Frazer and Charles Bronson; they have wasted most of their lives behind bars.  Then finally, there’s The Krays; they got sent down when they were young men in their prime; they were caged up for over 30 years and came out in a box...dead!  Obviously, crime did not pay for most of these guys.  Time and again you will hear the same old reasons or excuses, the ‘what ifs...’ and the ‘but only’...  Maybe it could have paid for all of these old villains but, they were all careless or made major mistakes somewhere along the line, as we all do sometimes. 

But, then again I believe in the word ‘luck’ and always have done.  These men were like the vast majority....just unlucky!  Then there’s the rest of them; the ones that were lucky.  I know certain men; good men who were bang into crime and made a lot out of the game.  Some have never seen the inside of a Police station never mind a jail.  
The ones that are still alive have retired now and they are living comfortably. I personally think that for 95% of villains who turn to crime it certainly does not pay, but then for the other 5% that it does pay for... they were probably just born with luck!!

Charlie Seiga