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Britain’s crime capitals


17 Feb 2012


Throughout my life as an active villain, my first priority was to have money, and when I say money, I mean plenty of it. In my opinion, money is a very powerful thing.  It can enable you to have practically anything you desire. Some people say that money cannot buy love or bring happiness, but my answer to that is, ‘give me a couple of million and I will show you just how happy it can make you.’

Ever since my youth, I craved the good things that life could offer, nice cars, good clothes, expensive jewellery, lavish holidays and, most importantly, a nice house, home and family.  I would never have been able to have achieved or sampled these lovely things without money.

However, money does not come easily, and it was never just handed to me on a plate.  I went out and committed some of the most serious offences and crimes in the country in order to have money;  armed robberies on banks, and security vans, hijacking lorries, safe breaking and many other serious crimes.  I did it all, but at times it was a terrifying business.  It certainly was not glamorous, like they portray it on TV and at the cinema.  I never got a kick out of it or excitement from it all.  In fact, for me, it was quite the reverse and I’m not ashamed to say it!

Every time I did one of those armed blags (robberies) I was taking a huge risk and a gamble.  In fact, I was gambling with my life... my young life at that.
I was always fully aware that, if I was captured, then I would be facing a long time in prison – twenty years at least – or worse, still, I could have been ambushed by the armed-response police and been shot dead!

As I have been quoted in the past, ‘nowadays, if I was still at it (into crime), I think I would find it difficult in comparison to how it used to be.’  I would just like to say to these young men, (and by that I am not referring to or talking about the low-life, degenerate scum and perverts who abuse women and children and hurt the innocent) those types of pricks can go and fuck themselves.  I am talking to the young men of today who are into crime or considering going down that road, and who do still have decent qualities, principles and respect, which they have adopted from the old-school villain.  Yes, these types of villains still do exist, although there are not as many of them now, and it is to those kids that I would say, ‘before you go down that road, have a good think about it and consider the risks, because personally I think that these days the Police seem to have it all boxed off.’  Just look at the sophisticated computer systems and equipment that they have today, helicopters, high-tech cameras, armed-response teams and advanced forensics; such as DNA testing.  They even have sensitive listening devices and bugging systems, as well as tracking devices; and these are only some of the things that we are aware of.  Police technology is far more advanced today.  To sum it all up...... in my opinion it is the end of an era!

If you’re a kid with good common sense and intelligence, and I know these days it’s still hard to earn money and there are things you wish you could have,  but think about it, because you already possess something that money just can’t buy ...... and that’s your precious youth, health and freedom!