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Britain’s crime capitals


24 Feb 2012


It has been well documented that when I was a young active villain there was another side to my life.... violence! 

I had to deal with violence along the way.  I have never wanted it, but when it came, I had no choice but to use it and to use it in the best way I knew how.  I have had many street fights throughout my life and in some of those I have come off best and then there have been others where I have come badly unstuck and been beaten.  But, then again, I have never professed or claimed to be a hard-case.

I would sooner be out earning money than trying to prove to other people I am hard.  I have never deliberately or intentionally gone out of my way and picked a fight with anybody.  There has been more than one occasion when I have walked away from somebody with whom I have been arguing with over something trivial such as getting pushed in a queue or a disagreement with another driver.  In these circumstances or situations I have always been the one to apologise first but, if a person went too far and took my apology as a sign of weakness instead of manners, or if they overstepped the mark by laying their hands on me then in my younger days I would have fucking killed them (not literally, obviously) one thing I have always believed is that nobody no matter who they are should ever underestimate another person’s capabilities, appearances as they say ‘can’ be deceptive!

To me fighting is and always will be a mug’s game.