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Killer Serialisation

Chapter 1


Serial 1

I had heard some horrendous stories about this ruthless character. He had no mercy when it came to extracting money from other criminals. He was known as the ‘Tax Man’ and to have shot, stabbed and tortured many young people. Even going as far as having a pregnant woman tied up in a body bag, which ultimately caused her a miscarriage. Most of the criminals in Liverpool were terrified of him, especially the drug-dealers.


Serial 2

It was Tuesday 18th November 1997. I had arranged a meeting with this afore mentioned villain for that evening. He was to arrive at my home between five and six o-clock. Winter was drawing in; outside was very cold and drizzling rain. It was approaching half past five and there was still no sign of him. ‘Where the hell is he? Is he going to show up or what?’ Ten minutes later my doorbell rang. I opened my front door to find him stood there with a slight smile on his face. I had noticed that when he smiled his eyes showed no emotion. He wasn’t a tall man he was about five foot six, but he was powerful looking: thick neck, big arms and a barrel chest. I thought; he looks stockier than usual. Then I realised he would be wearing his body armour. He was standing there alongside his mountain bike.


Serial 3

‘Alright, Charlie,’ he said. ‘Can I bring my bike in? It’s worth a couple of grand. It might go missing if I leave it outside.’

‘Yeah, bring it in. Leave it in the hallway.’

Little did he realise that, a few minutes later, three bullets would be pumped into his head and his brains blown away.

It all happened so fast. He is now lying on the floor in my home. As I look down on him he is still moving and making gurgling sounds. It’s a miracle he is still alive. I pick up my house phone and dial 999.


Serial 4

My name is Charlie Seiga; I was born on 7 thApril 1940 at 59 Barkbeth Road, Huyton, Liverpool 14. I am presently awaiting trial at Liverpool Crown Court on a murder charge. I have been accused of committing a contract killing, which is ‘shooting to death a notorious Liverpool villain’. If found guilty of this offence, I will never be set free. It’s inevitable...I will die in prison.


Serial 5

A few months ago if someone had told me I’d be facing a murder charge and would spend the rest of my life in prison, I would have told them it was impossible.
Then again, anything is possible with the sort of lifestyle I’ve led. I am now fifty-seven years of age and time might have finally run out for me.

This is my story from the beginning.