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KILLER By Charlie Seiga

Charlie Seiga was one of the most dangerous men in Britain.  Men were murdered on Charlie’s patch, and many times the police marked him out as the killer.  The killings were swift, brutal and brilliantly organised.  The victims; liberty takers and sadists, were all hard bastards who dealt in the most vicious kind of violence.
Armed to the hilt, Charlie would target the bullies who picked on weak, defenceless victims, women and the elderly.  His presence was a constant challenge to the lowlife who preyed on those who could not defend themselves.

But Charlie Seiga was no angel himself.  Police believed that he was the brains behind the major firms involved in bank raids, wage snatches and armed robberies involving hundreds of thousands of pounds.  He lost track of the times he was arrested or questioned about various jobs, but he always had an alibi; a witness to say he wasn’t guilty of the crime.  He was the ‘Houdini’ of the criminal world.
Charlie’s story is an incredible tale of violence and crime; but it is also a story about one man’s fight against the scum who break his deadly code of honour.  It is the incredible autobiography of one of the most notorious figures in the history of British crime...

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