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Reviews of the book Killer by Charlie Seiga

“Master criminal, scouser Charlie Seiga leads us on a rollicking rumbustuous ride through his life of crime and his dealings with blaggers, ponses, narks and the like. Throughout his career as a villain , Charlie is seen to retain the values of integrity, candour and humour, whichever difficult situation he finds himself in. His dry wit and straight talking style transfers itself beautifully to the page, making a common-or-garden novel about thieving and murder rise above anything else currently on the shelves. A unique insight into a life lived on the ‘other side of the tracks’. Stop whatever you are doing. Go out. Buy it.”

- Trinnie Murgatroyd, Barrow-In-Furness

“This true tale has shed a different light on the old school gangsters. Liverpool through the heart of a gentleman that decided the life of crime might be for him. Living by a code of honour that has disappeared in the villains of today. Confronted by bullies of the weak, Charlie took it upon himself to stand up and help, unlike society today. This book was written while Charlie awaits the trial for the murder of a local career criminal (taxer of weaker criminals). From the first temptation through the roller-coaster of emotions that has that can’t put it down feeling. This taught my 3 teenage sons (who all read this within 24hrs, first time!) that the true to life is different from the Hollywood videos and is off putting to lead a life of crime. Words struggle to describe how gripping the book is. A real eye-opener to the underworld that has hilarious scams, illegal jobs that go right and wrong. All to earn a buck! This autobiography outrates the various fact & fiction ‘best sellers’ I have ever read in my life. If all 5 star reading was this good I better get a bigger bookcase! As if!”

James Bett, Scotland.

“My parents are in their sixties and enjoyed this book as much as I did, me being in my early twenties. The book itself would be a delight to read without the dramatic impact of violence as it covers great generations of the last century. In my opinion this book stands out from the categories it is placed in and deserves a better title than ‘Killer’ as this limits the book far too much. Read it and you will agree.”

- S.Smart, Liverpool John Moores University.