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Reviews of the book Vigilante by Charlie Seiga


This review is from: VIGILANTE (Paperback)

I haven't read a book cover to cover for two years, despite trying several different ones every week - they simply did not hold my attention and grip me enough to want to finish them. Vigilante, however, I read within two days - I can only say that it is absolutely awesome! It is certainly close to the bone in parts, and not for the squeamish, in terms of the violence; but throughout the story, the reader is told why it is being dished out! If you are a fan of crime and thriller books, this is simply the best out there. In short if this is the genre you are into, you simply MUST read it! You will not be disappointed. Charlie Seiga has written a crime novel that will become a classic - I doubt if it will ever die out.

Bert H from LONDON


I read Charlie Seiga’s new release Vigilante; it is certainly an impressive piece of work; totally convincing and up to a point the reader can empathise with John Christian. The violence although vividly described, is a necessary part of this story. However, the narrative is not all about brutal violence; it is also a good descriptive read.



I took this book home to Egypt and started it on the plane. It is riveting from the start. Vigilante is a brutal but truly compelling story about hitting back at the low life that are a blight on the lives of good, honest and decent people. The scum though get their just desserts. The good guys going after the bad guys; we could do with more of this to sort out and re-claim the streets and housing estates in England! Although a ‘fictional’ book about Liverpool vigilantes; it sounds very true to life to me!