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THE HYENAS By Charlie Seiga

‘I was in constant pain. My back had been bitten and torn by one of those crazy animals. Boiling water had been slowly poured over parts of my body and the skin was blistering and peeling off. I was screaming in agony and cursing them at the same time. I thought they had finished torturing me – then they strapped me tightly to a chair. The blood running down my face from the knife wound which they had threatened to follow by cutting my eyes out. Nearly two days had passed since that perverted, sick bastard, Lea, had mutilated my body.

“Charlie, we respect you as a man.” Said one of them ominously. “but you know who we are.” I immediately knew this was the end, they were ready to kill me...”

The stories I had heard about these people were sickening. I thought I had seen them at their worst, but this just made me more and more determined to get my revenge on these dogs no matter how long it takes or what I have to do...’

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