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This is the true story of a young and ambitious youth who in 1957, aged just seventeen, led a gang of older men into carrying out daring safe-blowing robberies.

Charlie Seiga was young and ambitious; he craved the good things life had to offer. At the age of just seventeen he led a gang of older men into doing daring safe blowing robberies up and down the country using high explosives (gelignite). This story tells, in intricate detail, all about the methods used in safe blowing and how professional these men were at the business they chose to be involved in. They became known as ‘The Jelly Gang.’

At that time; back in the 1950s, safe blowing was regarded as the pinnacle of excellence amongst the gangsters of that era. It demanded a superior knowledge and technique and required meticulous planning of the highest degree. Expertise in the way explosives worked was paramount. Although on some occasions it was a very dangerous game to be in and there was near death, disaster and injuries in some of the moves the Jelly Gang pulled off.

They knew how to make plenty of money and in doing so they led a fast and privileged lifestyle sampling the best money could buy.

Whilst they carried out these audacious and daring raids they managed to evade capture by always being one step ahead of the police. Police forces throughout the country were well aware of the Jelly Gang and each police force wanted to be the one that would successfully bring them down.

However, it was inevitable that their luck would only last for so long.

In 1958 the youth was standing in the dock of the Crown Court flanked on both sides by the older members of his gang. The judge, directing his words towards the youth was quoted as saying; ‘He is like a young lion who had tasted his first blood.’ He made legal history by becoming the youngest and first safe blower in England.

This is also the true personal story of the characters involved; how they became what they were and how they lived, some retiring and living a comfortable life and others sadly not so lucky.

The Jelly Gang is a brilliant combination of narrative writing, memoir and biography.

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