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Britain’s crime capitals


VIGILANTE By Charlie Seiga

A major breakdown in society has descended, and everything is spiralling out of control on council ghettos across the city. The police don’t have the ability to deal with it and are demoralised. The streets are lawless. Marauding gangs are committing the vilest acts imaginable: rapes, violence against old people, arson attacks on family homes and gun crime. Unfortunately, decent hard working people live amongst it all.

It is an unbearable existence for them. Until John Christian; who was born and bred on the council estate many years before, came up with a solution to the problem. After recruiting and forming his own crew, their belief was that the low-life scum who terrorise the women, kids, old and infirm should be terrorised themselves in a more frightening manner than they could ever imagine.

Their presence on the streets becomes a constant challenge to the lowlife and when the team happen to capture any of these vile yobs, the justice they inflict on the scum is swift, brutal and brilliantly organised. They become known as vigilantes who sheriff their own community.

This book contains violence in the most graphic detail

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